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What is the action of bethanechol? Mechanism of action / Effect : Bethanechol is a muscarinic cholinomimetic, which acts at cholinergic receptors in the smooth muscle of the urinary bladder and gastrointestinal tract. It increases the tone of the detrusor urinae muscle, { 02 } producing an increase in the intravesical pressure.
What is the drug classification of bethanechol? Bethanechol is a parasympathomimetic (cholinergic) used for the treatment of acute postoperative and postpartum nonobstructive (functional) urinary retention and for neurogenic atony of the urinary bladder with retention.
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How long does it take for Urecholine to work? Effects on the GI and urinary tracts sometimes appear within 30 minutes after oral administration of bethanechol chloride, but more often 60 to 90 minutes are required to reach maximum effectiveness.
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